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Management Objective

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Continuously create value by bridging ivestors and enterprise.

Management Startegy

Pursue companion relationship with business partners

  • Discover value-creating companies which are technologically advanced
  • Assist in M&A and invest in companies which aim to change and grow
  • Continuous fund raising for investment
  • Assist partners to grow by providing valuable information and business opportunities

Maximize value for shareholders and investors

  • Compose stable portfolio not concentrated in particular industry, type of investment or stage of development
  • Reinforce internal control system to improve transparency and rationality of investment and operation.

Enhance competence of employees

  • Open-door policy for recruitment of high level human resource
  • Hire experts who can cope with progressing technology and changing business environment
  • Expand support for enhancement employee' s expertise
  • Apply transparent and consistent incentive system to encourage desire to invest and lead to invest with long-term perspective

Expand external network

  • Facilitate relationship with investment firms and enterprises to expand investment deal sources.
  • Reinforce network with financial experts and management specialist to assist business partners to grow
  • Procure oversea network for funding, investment and M&A