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LTS Co, Ltd.

  • LTS Co, Ltd.
  • LTS manufactures and supplies high speed and precision laser equipments to the OLED and semiconductor manufacturers.

LumiGNTech. (February 29, 2012)

  • LumiGNTech
  • LumiGNtech, the first domestic producer of commercialized GaN wafer in Korea, has recently started exporting its products to overseas.


  • Novachips develops and supplies next-generation SSD controller to the various SSD manufacturers.


  • U-electronics
  • U Electronics manufactures MEMS Infrared Sensor and System-on-Chip for thermometer and human detection system.


  • ZenithTec.
  • ZenithTec produces NO gas with high degree of purity  that is required for the semiconductor manufacturing process.


  • LeadingUI
  • LeadingUI designs and manufactures user interface related System-on-Chips such as touch controller IC

Silicon Inside.

  • Silicon Inside
  • Silicon Inside, the professional power IC and driver IC design house, supplies its' products to the manufacturers of home appliance and display.


  • Netsol
  • Netsol is an network and industrial memory solution provider. It is providing full line ups of high speed SRAMs and also providing legacy DRAMs.

Crucial Machine

  • Crucial Machine
  • Crucial Machines manufactures Micro Laser Reflow Machine for use in semiconductor manufacturing processing.