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  • PatiStudio (June 18, 2012)
  • Pati Studio develops mobile games. 'I Love Coffe', the business simulation game developed by Pati was ranked number 1 in the domestic app store.

Appisto Games

  • Appisto Games
  • Appisto Games is developing 'Another Chronicle', the 3D RPG for mobile devices, The game will be released in early 2014.

Tuck & Company

  • Tuck & Company
  • Tuck & Company develops and provides ???Hello Market???, a C2C marketplace platform service that allows users to sell, buy, and exchange goods and services through mobile platforms (Android, iOS) as well as the web.


  • Iamcompany
  • Iamcompany is a startup dedicated to improve communication within the education market. Iamcompany develops and provides the ultimate communication tool for teachers, students and parents, delivering announcements about anything related to school and education.

Prism Net

  • Prism Net
  • Prism Net is developing a mobile game that features characters and Mobile Suits from the legendary??Gundam??franchise.

Wantreez Music

  • Wantreez Music
  • Wantreez Music provides an inexpensive and yet high quality background music service for retailers, franchises & hoteliers wishing to improve their core product or service offering by enhancing and managing their music environments.

Perple Lab

  • Perple Lab
  • Perple Lab develops mobile games. The company previously introduced the mobile games, ???Puzzle Barista for Kakao??? and ???Romance of the Three Kingdom for Kakao??? in 2013, and currently preparing to export the games to the other countries in Asia.

PT Lejel Home Shopping

  • PT Lejel Home Shopping
  • Lejel Home Shopping practices home shopping business in Indonesia.


  • Martmoa.com
  • Martmoa.com provides an online shopping and comparison website for groceries, household items and health and beauty products.

JBK Global

  • JBK Global
  • JBK Global makes direct sales to foreign customers with needs in Korean Hallyu products.

MAD Square

  • MAD Square
  • MAD Square Develops next generation video distribution platform SNACKK.


  • WEAVERSMIND creates and develops education contents with enjoyable imagination and produces instructional devices.


  • B-BROS
  • B-BROS???s mobile application ???DDocDoc??? uses hash tag function Providing medical specialists inspected reliable medical information.


  • DiningCode
  • DiningCode applies state-of-the-art big datatechnologies and provides unbiased and distinguished restaurant ranking.


  • NOWBUSKING is leading O2O marketing market in Korea, through their own middle-ware that connects between various mobile services and places.


  • GAME COACH operates game training service platform. The platform connects customer who wants to learn games with game teacher.


  • People&Story
  • People&Story operates a web novel platform called ???Touch Book???.

Cracle Factory

  • Cracle Factory
  • Cracle Factory operates video commerce called ???womanstalk???.


  • LionGames
  • LionGames develops and runs the online game 'Soul Walker???.